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Big Ben Homes - Home Construction Companies Perth

Big Ben Homes has been in the Construction industry for over 20 years and was founded in 1995. The company has achieved significant growth and has now expanded into the southwest. We are one of the most trusted home construction companies Perth, WA.

Our philosophy is to focus on the important aspects of life and encourages the team to maintain a sustainable work-life balance. We take the utmost pride in every aspect of our work by motivating the team to achieve high standards and continually improve within their respective roles. The leadership and direct and open approach support the employees in performing as a cohesive team, leading to optimum business functionality and efficiency.

The Home construction companies Principal Designer and Project Manager has been with Big Ben Homes for 12 years and is very customer focused, providing expert attention to detail and envisioning the perfect environment and design solutions for every construction or home renovations perth.

Our Senior Sales Consultant has over 20 years in both single and multiple-storey construction. Our construction companies Perth work closely with each client from inception to completion, from finalizing pre-start selections and liaising with each client throughout the construction process.

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Our team members come from a diverse range of work experiences and backgrounds and each brings unique skill sets to the company. The team works diligently to meet the strategic vision created by Big Ben Homes and are driven to provide customer service of the highest standard.

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