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Granny Flats from $100,000 in Perth, WA


Did you know that new Residential Design Codes (R-Codes) no longer stipulate that occupants of granny flats must be a relative of the main householder and they can be rented out without formal subdivision approval? As a result, Perth granny flats are fast becoming a popular choice of investment for homeowners.

The new town planning scheme has also increased the floor space allowed for granny flats - the size of the granny flat itself can be no more than 60 or the maximum allowance by the council, if it is different. The new regulations mean that granny flats can be built in all residential  zones as long as there is no more than one main home and one granny flat on the same block of land. Investors see this as a great opportunity to hold on to a property long term and derive income from it. Utilising innovative, lightweight framing, Big Ben Homes can build a granny flat in a much shorter time frame than a double brick construction - making it ideal for investors wanting tenants to move in as soon as possible.



If you have space on your block for a granny flat and like the idea of supplementing your income by renting it out, consider having one built instead of purchasing a factory-built structure. There’s technically nothing wrong with buying granny flats for sale Perth, but constructing your own offers much more benefits. For one thing, you have full control over the design of the structure, which means you can incorporate the features you want in it and ensure it’s unique and original. You can also have it built in a way that will complement your existing home and increase your property’s street appeal.

Another benefit of building a granny flat is that you can choose the materials that will be used to construct it. As a result, you have the assurance that it will be built with only high-quality, world-class construction materials, which ensure it’s sturdy and durable and help it last for a long time. 

There’s no need to worry about costs and time frames, especially when you hire Big Ben Homes. We use special methods to put up your granny flat within the shortest amount of time and ensure you can start accepting tenants ASAP. We’ve built good relationships with the best tradespeople and suppliers in Perth, which means we receive special prices on building materials and services and can pass on significant savings to you.

Big Ben Homes has years of experience in building granny flats Perth, and we know exactly how to create structures that impress our clients and give them great value for money. Whether you need a granny flat to house a relative or to create another stream of income, you can rely on us to build a structure that will meet or even exceed your specifications and be completed on time.

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