Big Ben Homes



Is the rising cost of electricity concerning you?

Big Ben Homes can increase your green star rating!

Solar Passive Design and Green Buildings

Big Ben Homes can help you make your vision of a sustainable, eco-friendly home a reality. We assist you to build with environmentally friendly materials, through to powering your home with the sun and water efficiency measures.

We use building materials which have low embodied energy and low environmental impact. Your home will be environmentally responsible in construction with low operational costs.


We commence with your design brief and customise it to suit your budget, lifestyle, needs and orientation of your land.
Our Greensmart professional design team deliver homes with minimal impact on the environment, cut your energy costs and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Our homes are healthy spaces to live in due to the building processes and products.

A smart home goes beyond passive solar design by using additional intelligent design principles. We recomend to create an even greener home with a smaller environmental footprint to consider these options:

Non-toxic building products and process
Rainwater harvesting and other water efficiency measures
Active solar design, such as photovoltaic power generation and solar water heating
Aerobic sewerage treatment and waterless urinals
Grey water recycling systems and other technologies.